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ANDA TOOLS is professional in HSS Drilling Tools for more then 8 years. At present, we can supply many different kinds of HSS Drilling Tools. Our products have been exported to nearly 30 courntries in Europe, America, Middle-East for many years, and enjoy high reputation in these markets.

ANDA TOOLS give tools the high accuracys, the steady cutting performance, the exellent capability ,the longer useful life by advanced facilities, technicacs, proper heat trratment & quality control and tracking system.

Main Products

  • Cobalt Twist Drills
    Cobalt Twist Drills
  • HSS Twist Drill Bits
    HSS Twist Drills
  • Taper Shank Drills
    Morse Taper Shank Drills Materials:M35/M2/W9/W4 Surface Finish: black/ black & bright Product Processing:Milled/Roll Forged Shank: Morse Taper Shank Point:135 degree split point/118 degree Standard:DIN345/DIN341/ANSI Marking: stamp or laser marking of HSS & Size & Logo Packing: each in plastic tube / paper box OEM is available
  • 1/2" Reduced Shank Twist Drills
    1/2" Reduced Shank Drills(S&D Drills) Materials:M35/M2/W9/W4 Surface Finish:gold/bright/black/bi-color Product Processing: milled & welded Shank:Reduced Shank Marking: stamp or laser marking of HSS & Size & Logo Point:135 degree split point / 118 degree Standard:ANSI Packing: each in plastic tube/paper box OEM is available
  • Double Ended Drills - Bright Finished
    Double Ended Drills Materials:M42/M35/M2/W9/W4 Product Processing:Fully Ground Shank: straigth Shank Surface Finish:Bright Finished Point:135 degree split point / 118 degree Standard:DIN/ANSI Packing: Plastic Tube / Paper Box / Pvc Bag OEM is available
  • HSS Double Ended Drills - TIN-COATED
    HSS Countersinks HSS Step Drills 2Flute Step Drill Bits Materials:M2/W9/W4 Surface Finish:Tin-coated Packing: each in plastic container or paper box OEM is available
  • 15pcs HSS Drill Bit Set
    HSS Drill Bit Sets 15pcs drill bit sets Size: 1/16-1/2 Standard: ANSI
  • 19pcs HSS Drill Bit Sets
    HSS Drill Bit Sets 19pcs drill bit sets Size: 1.0mm-10.0mmx0.5mm Standard: DIN338 Materials:M2/W9/W4 Surface Finish: bright Production processing: ground from solid; polished Point: 118degree angle; 135degree split point Shank: straigth Shank / straight shank with 3flats / hex shank Marking: stamp or laser marking of HSS & Size & Logo Packing: metal case OEM is available

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